Kingdom Rush Origins Review

Kingdom Rush Origins is the third installment from the well-known tower-defense franchise. This game comes with great improvements on the same gameplay from earlier versions, bringing some new astonishing features to keep it interesting.

If you played this game, you know that the Kingdom Rush series uses a fixed path, where you can place towers on fixed emplacements, and step by step, you can change levels to bring new challenges as you play. To make it even more interesting, the game features special abilities that you can use to nuke areas of the map and use hero systems that allow you to bring one skilled player to balance your defense.

So, the Ironhide Game Studio comes with another installment to the series and looks like that they managed to keep the game fresh and interesting. All the new features, the new tweaks, tons of levels and new content to explore make it worth the price. 

Once you enter the game, you will jump right into the action. If you haven’t played this game before, it will tell you to build your defense against the enemy. Luckily, you will start with enough gold to be able to build a few towers, but don’t forget to check the map and see where your enemies will be coming from. Don’t make the mistake to build all your towers on a single entrance, because if the second enemy will use the second entrance, you will have serious problems. The more you play, the more you will learn about every hero and how you can use it or upgrade it. You must know how to mix your towers to be successful. 

Kingdom Rush Origins has lots of levels to play and three skill level to gain, so don’t worry about the content. Each level will give you a number of lives. You must know that if the number of enemies that manage to pass through the exit is bigger than your remaining lives, your round is over. The only solution to stop this from happening is to upgrade. You can upgrade your towers to give more attack power, you can upgrade the elven archer tower to triple the attacks and you can even upgrade your heroes to be stronger. Each hero has different abilities that you can upgrade.

With new towers, tons of upgrades and upgradable heroes, Kingdom Rush Origins a top of the list tower defense game.

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