Kinect to be used on laptops?

There is a rumor circulating on the web that Microsoft might be incorporating its Kinect program into laptops, but their production hasn’t been officially confirmed. The news was first announced by the Daily reporters who had the opportunity to view some prototypes containing this feature. Analysts are now wondering how can Kinect help the regular laptop user given that this technology is usually used for games.

During this year’s CES, the company presented several desktop models with Kinect sensors. Rumor has it that Microsoft plans to go further and implement the sensor on portables. The first devices to be tested were several Asus netbooks running Windows 8. They featured an array of small sensors at the top of the screen and a set of LEDs at the bottom of the display.

Microsoft has stated that the first Kinect-based prototypes have been tested. The company did not provide other pieces of information that could help analysts understand the functionality of the new devices. According to them, these sensors could be used to facilitate games and media control. In addition, Kinect might enable disabled individuals to interact with their devices.

Daily further stated that Kinect portables will not be manufactured in house. The company will most likely appoint hardware manufacturers to produce the Kinect technology. This strategy has long been used by Microsoft for the creation of Windows and it has had good results. Any other innovations performed in the portable Kinect space will be made by platform developers.

Bill Gates’ company seems to be increasingly more focused on developing Kinect portables. This feature will soon be available on many other devices besides laptops. Earlier this year, Daily declared that Microsoft is working to create a Kinect-supported television set. Meanwhile, the IT giant is planning the first public preview of Windows 8 which will take place next month.

Analysts at CNET, on the other hand, think Kinect-endowed portables will be hard to manage; therefore, customers will not be interested in acquiring these devices. They even conducted an online research to find the potential uses of Kinect laptops, but using gestures to control files was the only advantage they found. 

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