Kindle Voyage Review

Amazon has unveiled its newest device called Kindle Voyage. Unfortunately the arrival hasn’t been greeted with as much enthusiast as it might have been received two or three years ago. Amazon’s Paperwhite is without a doubt one of the best e-readers on the market. With Kindle Voyage, Amazon is trying to raise the bar a little, and at the same time to pump up the price tag.

Why Kindle Voyage? The name makes no sense and everybody is asking why Amazon didn’t call it Paperwhite 2. After a full review, we understand that this e-reader is so good that it deserve a name on its own. Kindle Voyage is filled with meaningful improvements and new features over the Paperwhite. This brand new device is coming with a higher resolution: 300 pixels per inch, compared with the 221-ppi that Paperwhite has. Amazon introduced a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness in response to the level of ambient light. This is a great feature that needs to be tested. This should also increase the Kindle’s battery life and eliminate the need to adjust the brightness every time users start reading.

The next biggest improvement of the Voyage is the glass. Paperwhite has a grainy glass that makes you dislike the feeling you have when you touch the glass to turn the page or use the menu. Kindle Voyage’s glass is as smooth as the glass on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. The newest Voyage’s page-turn buttons are also amazing and just as important as the texture of its glass. This device has four surface-mount buttons on the right and left bezels that help the user turn the pages even easier. Amazon calls this button “PagePress sensors”.

Kindle Voyage has 0.30 inches, compared to the Paperwhite, which features 0.36 inches. The power button is situated to the back of the device, making it easier to manipulate and find. It comes with a 4 GB internal memory, which means that you can store lots and lots of books. You can find it in stores, at a price of 199 dollars. If you also want a great protective cover made of leather, you must pay 45 dollars. 

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