Kim Kardashian Wants Her Marriage to Work for Fame

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been a couple for several years and have two children together. The two, like any other famous couple, have constantly been linked to rumors indicating that they were dealing with marriage problems and were thinking about getting divorced.

A series of such rumors have been linked to Kim and Kanye throughout the years, but they proved to be wrong, as the two stars continued to remain together. Now, a new report has claimed that Kim and Kanye are trying to save their marriage for the sake of fame. The report was published by Closer, which indicated that the only reason why Kim is trying to make things work with Kanye is linked to the fact that she is worried that a divorce will make her lose her high profile celebrity status.

An insider talking to the celebrity site claimed that Kim is very worried and she thinks that the whole situation has been hard on her. “Kim’s having a hard time and is worried about what might happen. She’s sick of putting on an act in public and she feels like she can’t keep it up. Kanye’s been so busy that he found it hard to keep in touch while he was away,” the source said.

The same insider went on to add that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star feels that her husband has become very distant with her. “He’s still great with the kids, but sometimes she feels she and Kanye are worlds apart. Kim loves him and is working hard to explain how he feels, but it seems he’s a closed book,” the source claimed.

The insider also said that Kim wants to save her marriage because she knows that Kanye has been very beneficial for her career and her image. “She knows how much of a boost being with Kanye has given her so she’s telling everyone their relationship is fine. She’s doing everything she can to squash split rumors and she hopes the marriage can survive, but she’s petrified it might be too late. There’s only so long she can hide it.” The claims were not confirmed.

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