Kim Kardashian to Release Selfish Book

Kim Kardashian is more talented than what fans may initially imagine. The beautiful reality show star is said to publish an entire book of selfies. The new book is titled Selfish. This new book that will be published by Kim Kardashian is actually a book filled with selfies. 

E! News actually revealed that the 352-page book will be released by Rizzoli’s Universe in April 2015. Kim’s unique book is set to cost $19.95. In this book the fans of the reality show star will find pics that Kim took for her husband, Kanye West. Kim revealed the news during her show. So, on the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim claimed that her pics are so great that she came up with this idea of releasing a book. 

The pics were made by Kim throughout time, most of the selfies dating from the family vacation that the couple took in Thailand. Kim loves selfies so much that she actually said that taking such pictures is “the purpose of life.” Most of these pics have definitely already been published by Kim some way or another, so they are not completely new. The reality show star has the habit of sharing many of the pics she makes. 

“I’m going to make some super racy,” Kim said about what she will release in this new book. “I mean, every girl takes pictures of their ass in the mirror … I might share some of them,” the famous reality show star explained.  

Naturally, it is expected to see some new photos in Selfish, too. For fans, the new project should be as interesting as possible. And for Kim this surely is a new and a very simple way of making more money. Kim is well known for her many successful businesses. The star has her own makeup line and she is set to release a new hair care line next spring. The star has already made up her mind on the cover of the book, which shows Kim in a cream-colored bra, naturally taking a selfie. 

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