Kim Kardashian: “The wedding was a bad business decision”

The reality TV star, Kim Kardashian was invited at Kelly Ripa’s show on Monday. The sexy brunette told her host that the wedding was a bad business decision, judging by the losses she has experienced during the post-breakup months. The Kardashian sister uses this excuse to convince critics that she did not try to make money out of her marriage.

Kim Kardashian prides herself with her business abilities, which is why she vehemently sustains that the wedding was not a method of increasing her income. On the contrary, the reality TV star explained Ripa that she would have stayed married for a longer period of time if making money was her only intention. But the wedding was real and so were her feelings towards Kris.

In fact, Kim confessed that she fell hopelessly in love with Kris which is why she committed the mistake of marrying him after such a short period of time. Her illusion was also fuelled by the examples provided by her mother and her sister. Both Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian have tied the knot with their current husbands after a short period of courtship. Despite this, the two couples seem to get along very well, thus inspiring Kim to follow her heart.

The E! star told host Kelly Ripa that she even had the courage to review the scenes of her deteriorating marriage. The most recent season of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” functioned as a therapeutic session for the reality star. This way, she was able to get over her divorce with Kris Humphries and learn her mistakes.

Even though her marriage was a little bit precipitated, Kim doesn’t regret the decision she took. She continues to be just as optimistic as she used to be before the divorce. It may not have worked for her, but there are many couples out there who can still prove that you can fall madly in love at first sight and make the relationship last forever. Kim concluded her interview by saying that she just needs to rewrite her fairytale.

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