Kim Kardashian sues her former publicist

Recently, Kim Kardashian lawyered up in an attempt to put an end to her former publicist claims that her marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries was staged.

Marty Singer, Kim’s lawyer, will sue for legal damages worth of $200,000 from Jonathan Jaxson, according to TMZ. Kardashian claims that the so called publicist is in violation of a signed confidentiality document and worked for her on a singular task, a blog.

On his end of the story, Jaxson sought the aid of a party which specializes in private arbitration. Furthermore, he claims to have never signed the confidentiality document and to only own a copy of an agreement that wasn’t signed by either of the parties.

Kim’s publicity team hasn’t so far addressed Jaxson statement or responded to a query forwarded by The Wrap.

Even when confronted with a possible suit, Jonathan doesn’t stay clear of his claims concerning the “fake” wedding. As such, he told Good Day L.A. on Friday that “the whole show itself was staged to a T”. The publicist claims to have been working for Kardashian for two years and that his work involved far more than just writing for her blog, including staging different events and starting rumors.

During an earlier statement for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Jaxson said that Kim is still hooked up to her previous boyfriend, NFL player Reggie Bush and she knew prior to the wedding that it won’t last cause her heart wasn’t into it.

Kardashian and Bush first got together in 2007 and dated for two years before splitting up for the first time in July 2009. During autumn of 2009 the couple was reunited only to fall apart for good in March 2010.

Currently, Kim is in Atlanta on the set of Tyler Perry’s movie The Marriage Counselor where she is closed to finish filming for the part. Kris is training in Minnesota and has hired Lee Hutton to handle his part of the divorce.

The procedure shouldn’t take longer than the six months minimum required by law before being finalized since their divorce is made straight forward by their prenup arrangements.

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