Kim Kardashian Still Trying to Save her Marriage

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West remain in the media attention with their marriage and their alleged relationship problems. The rumors are saying that Kim and Kanye are actually close to a divorce. A report released only a couple of days ago indicated that Kim was ready to officially end the marriage and was set to file for divorce.

Now, another report actually says that Kim wants to fight for her marriage and has been doing everything possible to make sure that her relationship with Kanye will be improved, of course, all for the sake of their two children, North and Saint.

The report based on the claims of a source talking to Hollywood Life, claimed that problems started to increase in this marriage after Kim was robbed in Paris and after Kanye was hospitalized with a mental breakdown. Kim was robbed in Paris last year. The star was held at gun point by the attackers and she actually claimed that she really feared for her life.

Kim took a break from the public and from social media following the incident, and only recently decided to open up about what happened during that night. She revealed her terrifying experience in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians through tears. On the other hand, 2016 was not an easy year for Kanye, either. The famous rapper was hospitalized after a series of public rants, and underwent treatment for a mental health crisis.

It has previously been said that Kanye did not like the fact that Kim decided to open up about the Paris robbery, as he actually believed that it should have remained private.

So, the latest report said that Kim really wants to avoid the divorce and is trying hard to make things work. “Kim and Kanye are having such a hard time, the relationship is all over the place,” the insider said. “Kim is doing everything in her power to keep them in a good space though, the last thing she wants is to go through another divorce. She can’t stand the thought of putting her kids through that.”

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