Kim Kardashian says she is not pregnant

After OK Magazine published an article in which it was stated that Kim Kardashian was expecting, the reality TV star wrote on her blog she is not pregnant.

“This is crazy!” she wrote, referring to the cover story of OK Magazine’s latest issue that was speculating she was having a baby with fiancée Kris Humpries. “I am NOT pregnant”. The article posted a title on the cover that implied the Kardashian beauty is already expecting. But if you open the magazine and read the article, you see that it’s not like that at all. Kim declared she wanted to be a mother one day, but that’s far from saying she is going t be a mother soon. “Magazines can be so tricky with their wording.”

Kim wrote on her blog that she expected many rumors to blossom from now on. “I can foresee lots of crazy, made up stories coming out in the near future and I certainly don’t have time to shut down every rumor”. So she asks her readers to not believe just anything they hear, unless it’s conformed by her.” Otherwise, don’t always believe what you read, dolls”.

Kim Kardashian, 30, got engaged with NBA star Kris Humpries, 26, earlier this month, when he decided to pop-up the question. And he made it into an unforgettable experience for her soon to be wife. “It was so romantic” Kim said. He was waiting or her at her home with a 20.5-carat diamond ring and with their room covered in rose petals arranged so they could say “Will you marry me?”. The couple began dating in December 2010. In January Kim posted some photos of Chris from when he was a child and tweeted “I want my son to look like this!”

Now, everybody in the Kardashian clan is happy about Kim finally settling down, including her brother Rob, even though he was the only one who wasn’t too confident about his sister luck in love. “She’s just been through a lot of relationships and she just always gets hurt.” Rob said to The Hollywood 5. But he also added that even though his older sister hasn’t find the right “dude” after being in so many relationships, maybe Kris will be the exception. “They’re a really good match for each other” he added.

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