Kim Kardashian’s See Through Outfits

Kim Kardashian is one star that loves to show skin. Kim Kardashian’s see-through outfits, that she often posted herself on Twitter, have long become viral.

Since her romance with Kanye West sparked off in a “regalia” of fashionista’s extravaganza, Kim Kardashian has become even more comfortable wearing see-through outfits in public. Whether it’s going commando in a see-through skirt, or a racy Halloween costume, Kim Kardashian is damn proud of her body just as she’s about to celebrate her 32nd birthday.

When it comes to talking about Kim Kardashian in see-through outfits it’s hard to just choose a single time. For instance, in the past three days Kim Kardashian wore a racy Halloween costume with her belly and most of breasts exposed and then went for dinner in Miami in see through dress without any underwear.

Sunday, Kim Kardashian was out shopping in Miami for Halloween costumes. The 31-year-old sure had a lot of fun trying out costumes and made sure her fans knew it too. Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram of her wearing a skintight catsuit with a see-through cleavage and stomach. She even had a cat-ear headband and a tail.

“Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping!” Kim Kardashian tweeted next to her racy photo. Truth be told, a see-through catsuit Halloween choice would probably top everything else the reality show star donned in the past years.

Later on Sunday, Kim Kardashian was seen in another see-through outfit. This time, she was out dining with boyfriend Kanye West in Miami Beach. Kim Kardashian looked so racy, it’s a wonder Kanye West didn’t trip.

Wearing a cutout bustier and a see-through pencil skirt, Kim Kardashian was quite the sight at Prime One Twelve steakhouse. From what we can figure out from the pictures it looks like Kim K went commando under that pencil skirt that hugged her figure so successfully.

There was one other celebrity this weekend that donned a cut out bra. Miley Cyrus showed up on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” wearing a black Anthony Vaccarello bustier that seemed to be at the dangerous edge of nip slip. The 19-year-old combined the cut out bustier with a navy blue Moschino skirt and red satin pumps.

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  1. She may have a pretty face, but she needs to lose the cow’s butt.

    That thing is, like, huge.

    I mean — c’mon. Really?

    The modern definition of beauty has run amok.

    To me, it’s chiseled, thin, athletic – not some ho that looks like they’ve already had a baby.

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