Kim Kardashian’s Latest Resolution – Never Dating Footballers Again

Thanks to Reggie Bush, from now on bad mouths in the media won’t have grounds to talk about Kim Kardashian and some football player being involved romantically. In fact, according to TMZ, it seems that Kim Kardashian’s latest resolution is to never date another football player again.

TMZ writes that Kim “isn’t secretly dating Mark Sanchez…she’s not interested in Tim Tebow”. According to some sources, it seems that “the reality star is completely DONE with football players in general… all thanks to Reggie Bush”.

So, what happened between her and Reggie that got Kim so messed up? The sources TMZ used say that the reality star’s break up with Reggie two years ago was so rough it got her to reconsider her preferences in men. So, as TMZ puts it, it seems that Kim “has lost her taste for NFL players entirely – and has no plans to play the field in the near future”.

Still, just last week, the media was roaming with rumors that Kim Kardashian was dating none other than Mark Sanchez. The Inquisitr wrote that the two celebrities were “seeing each other whenever Kardashian was in New York”. Apparently, the rumors regarding Kim being involved with Tim Tebow are also false.

Based on Kim’s logic, or at least according to what the sources say, one bad break up is enough to say all football players are rugged. But, that’s celebrity life. Kim still has a plethora of professional athletes to choose from, as she only had basketball and football scratched out of her list.

In other news today regarding Kim, it seems that she has decided to change houses after dealing with an intruder episode at her Beverly Hills home last weekend. Apparently, some man showed up on Kim’s property with luggage and insisted that the reality star invited him to stay with her.

TMZ writes that Kim is now shopping for a new home in several exclusive gated communities throughout Los Angeles, including Bel Air and Mulholland Estates.

Coincidence or not, that’s exactly what actress Lindsay Lohan invoked when asked why is she moving out of her Venice Beach residence. The neighbors were to say the least thrilled about Lohan’s decision, wonder what Kim’s are going to say.

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