Kim Kardashian Receives Statue in L.A.

An abstract artist, Daniel Edwards, has created the “L.A. Fertility” statue embodied by none other than Kim Kardashian. Edwards chose the reality TV star as a metaphor to fertility because her pregnancy has been much-discussed in the media, lately, E! News reports.

I don’t mean to sound like an old grandma complaining about the wrong habits of the youth, but dedicating a statue to Kim Kardashian is a clear example of the “world gone mad”. The fact that Kim Kardashian could be regarded as a fertility God, centuries from now, worries me even more.

Daniel Edwards, the artist who created the statue and, who, I might add, would probably obey to all artists’ orders just to make a living in Los Angeles, clearly doesn’t share the same opinion. According to him, the Kardashian sister is the perfect representation of a pregnant woman (our apologies to pregnant women) as her “voluminous” belly and “lactiferous breasts” bring motherhood feelings into the minds of the beholders. In fact, the fetish-inclined artist has removed the arms of the nude statue, so people could better admire the motherhood forms of the sculpture. Thus, visitors have the possibility to give the statue a “respectful rub for good luck and success,” the artist explained.

Edwards further revealed that he wanted to defend the reality TV star from bad mouths criticizing her puffy figure. He has, therefore, eliminated all the details that prevent people from concentrating on the real aspects of motherhood, except for the unrealistic bottom, which, some would say, is a far better trademark for Kim than the pregnant belly.

Daniel enjoys paying attention to some of the most disputed stars in Hollywood. He has created many other statues, including depictions of Britney Spears giving birth and Angelina Jolie nursing. Art nouveau lovers will be able to admire the “L.A. Fertility” at the LAB ART gallery in Los Angeles, starting on Wednesday.

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