Kim Kardashian: “No more televised weddings”

Although she constantly declares that she has moved on with her life since her divorce last year, Kim Kardashian always mentions her wedding in all the interviews she releases. This time, the reality TV star will feature in the March issue of the Allure magazine where readers and fans will find out that Kim no longer wants televised weddings, as well as other details about the 72-day marriage. As if there were any details left…

The diva talked to reporters at Allure and told them how she really feels about being a public persona. Kim is upset because people think that she is so used to acting in front of the cameras that she forgot to be herself, but this is not true and the things she does shouldn’t be labeled as “fake”. The sexy brunette admitted that she has her own limits and there are aspects of her life that she doesn’t want to reveal in front of the camera or on her website. We take it that the body is not one such aspect, judging by the millions of nude pictures she has made so far.

Unlike her mother, who is not afraid of discussing even the most intimate parts of her life on the reality TV show, Kim is more reserved. She claims she was inspired to televise her fairytale wedding, by her sister Khloe. The latter married Lamar Odom and the ceremony was broadcast during a special episode of the show.

The divorce made Kim more mature because now she is determined to keep her private life secret. According to her, there will be no more cameras in case she decides to get married again. Moreover, the Kardashian sister will not even talk about her future relationships with the media.

Kim is still romantic, despite the unfortunate love affairs she has had so far. She continues to dream of a perfect wedding with her family and friends. Next time (if there may be a next time) the celebrity will choose a private location for the ceremony like a deserted island. As for the babies, (yeah, more Kim Kardashian genes await for us in the future), the star stated that she would like to have her own children, but she is not ready for the moment. 

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