Kim Kardashian lands major role in Tyler Perry movie

Reality star Kim Kardashian lands a major movie role in “Marriage Counselor”, directed by Tyler Perry. The news was first reported by Deadline and was later confirmed by The Wrap. Kim tweeted the news this past weekend saying: “I’m co-starring in Tyler Perry’s new movie! It’s gonna be such a fun experience!”

Kim Kardashian has a full year. Not only did she become a wife, but she also made a big step in her career. Even though she had landed minor movie parts before, this time she has the chance of really unveiling her acting skills. Famous movie producer and director Tyler Perry has given her a role in his upcoming movie, “Marriage Counselor”. The Lionsgate production tells the story of a couple who doesn’t seem too skilled in making their relationship last. He is an accountant (so he’s excused), and she is a marriage counselor, who gives precious counseling to others but fails to see the mistakes she makes in her own marriage. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to set her on the right track. This someone is her friend, Ava, who works with her as well. Ava manages to open her friend’s eyes and give her a makeover, so that the spark would appear again in her relationship.

Ava is played by Kim, while the counselor, Judith, is played by Jurnee Smollett.

Tyler Perry is best known for his “Madea” movies, where he played several of the characters. Jurnee Smollett has more experience is TV productions. She appeared in “Full House”, “NYPB Blue”, “Cosby”, “House M.D.”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Friday Night Lights”. Kim has appeared in “Deep in the Valley” (2009) as Summa Eve and in “Disaster Movie” (2008) as Lisa.

“Marriage counselor” is based on Tyler Perry’s play, which bares the same name.  The shooting begins Wednesday in Atlanta.

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