Kim Kardashian Goes To Jail

Kim Kardashian ditched her glamorous clothes for a more casual outfit: the jail uniform. The reality TV star went to jail, but only to film her upcoming episode in “Drop Dead Diva”, says Daily Mail.

Like most untalented celebrities, Kim Kardashian would do anything to be in the center of attention. That’s why I’m surprised she didn’t get involved in something that could have gotten her arrested by now. However, the cause may not be entirely lost. The 31-year-old star recently spent a day in jail in order to film the upcoming episode of the series “Drop Dead Diva”, so she is used to being imprisoned.

Kim could go from reality TV star to actress due to the small parts she obtained since the beginning of the year. She has already appeared in three episodes of the fourth season of “Drop Dead Diva” where she played the part of the co-inventor of pake, that is, a combination between pie and cake.

The episode that was filmed in jail presents Kim Kardashian as relationship guru, Nikki LePree. Her character is in love with Ben Feldman’s alter-ego Fred in the series. Her business partner in the movie is played by April Bowlby who also featured in “Two Men and a Half”.

In real life, Kim Kardashian only has eyes for singer Kanye West who seems to have issues getting over Kim’s divorce. After making reference to his girlfriend and her ex-husband in his new song, “I Wish You Would/Could”, West asked Kim to make a cameo in his video. Her appearance in the video was carefully chosen to match Kanye’s reference to Kris Humphries. Thus, the reality TV star shows up wearing a black hood during the sequences in which West disses Kris Humphries.

The basketball player ignored the singer’s message at first. After he signed a $24 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets, Kris poked fun at Kanye’s lyrics by saying “I’m up at Brooklyn!… ‘lucky I didn’t have Jay drop me from the team.” Unfortunately, the feud between Kim’s former and current partners might still go on for a while.

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