Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Want a Small Wedding

Celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are quite sure that they just want a small wedding. The two stars already have a child together. 

New rumors indicate that Kanye and Kim are not going to have a big or extravagant wedding ceremony, as it was expected. In fact, they will only plan a small and intimate wedding. Kim recently claimed during an interview with Ryan Seacrest that she really wants an intimate setting on her wedding. 

So, it seems that both Kim and Kanye are willing to have just a simple, romantic ceremony. If the rumors will be confirmed, this will be the first time when Kin has a small wedding. And actually, this will be the third wedding for the reality show star. 

Kim Kardashian has previously been married to Kris Humphries, the couple’s wedding actually being a huge event, broadcast live on national television. The event took place in October 2011, but unfortunately the marriage lasted only 72 days. This was the second marriage for the star. The divorce was finalized in April. 

The first wedding for Kim was the one to Damon Thomas. The couple separated in 2003, Thomas being the one who filled the divorce. Kim accused him of abuse. 

Kanye West and Kim have actually been friends before the romance. In fact, the rapper is known to be a close friend of the Kardashian family. The couple dated for 9 months before the pregnancy news was first announced, Kim and Kanye welcomed their daughter in June, 2013. Kim claimed that she wants more kids, but not more than 3. 

Kanye recently said that his only regret is that his mother never got to meet his beautiful daughter. In a recent interview the star said that the past 10 years have been absolutely great for him.  

Kanye proposed to his girlfriend when Kim turned 33 in a beautiful moment at the AT&T Park in San Francisco. The couple have been planning their wedding since and Kim claimed that she wants to marry in Paris. 

“It’s in Paris but I’m not saying when. Its this year. We’re having a super, super small, intimate wedding. As we’re going along we’re realizing that we just want it to be small and intimate,” Kim said. 

Kim also claimed that her young daughter will have a special part at her parents’ wedding. It is expected for the event to take place this summer, although there is no word yet on when Kanye and Kim will wed.

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