Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Have Three Weddings

Famous stars Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will wed soon. Apparently, the two plan on having three weddings, at least this is what latest reports indicate. 

So, new rumors reveal that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have no less than three wedding ceremonies. Radar Online first reported that the couple are currently planning to have separate wedding ceremonies, the first one being held in Southern California. 

While earlier reports indicated that Kim is just willing to have a small and romantic wedding, it seems that things are far from that. After wedding in Southern California, the couple will fly to France, where they will have no less than two wedding ceremonies. Naturally, these are just some reports, so there are no confirmations yet. 

In fact, a source already told E! News that these rumors are not true and it actually is too soon to tell what Kim and Kanye will really do. In fact, the source said that absolutely no one knows for now what the two stars plan on doing, so there is no way the reports can be true. “No one knows anything in terms of details yet,” the source claimed. “So if we don’t know, the Daily Mail and Radar certainly don’t know. No one has even gotten an invitation yet,” it added. 

The same source went to add that the number of guests that Kim and Kanye will have at their wedding reception is 100. It said that this is what everyone has been told. However, maybe Kim is preparing a surprise on this aspect, too. 

Reports actually indicate that Kim and her famous rapper boyfriend will have the civil ceremony in the United States, before flying to France for the ceremony and the party. Actually, this is the reason why the famous couple will have more wedding ceremonies. Commonly, weddings made in France are recognized in the United States, but the paperwork can be really complicated. They will also have a civil ceremony and a religious ceremony in France, where the party will also be held.

Sources also claimed that Kim and Kanye are willing to have a great wedding, the wedding of the century. The star of famous reality show The Kardashians will most likely change at least three dresses during the event.

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