Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reveal Baby Boy’s Name

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the happy parents of a baby boy. The two famous stars have welcomed their second child last week and they have now revealed the name they have chosen for their baby. 

So, it seems that Kim decided to make the revelation as fast as possible, without keeping fans too much waiting for the name to be officially confirmed. Kim revealed that the name she and her rapper husband decided upon is Saint. Without a doubt, it seems that Kim and Kanye decided on a name that is completely different to what everyone expected. The name that has been speculated in the media was Easton, Kim revealing in a previous interview that she actually liked this name.

However, Kim claimed that Kanye did not like the name Easton, so it seems that the rapper did not finally agree with it. “Saint West. 12.05.15. 8 pounds, 1 ounce,” Kim simply shared on her website. Well, the name did not came as a complete shock. Some recent reports have claimed that Kanye and Kim were considering the names Legend and Saint. 

“Legend and Saint have been thrown around but they still haven’t decided a concrete name and may wait till the baby is born and live with the child for a little bit and then make the decision,” an insider said according to Hollywood Life. “The main goal is for the baby to be healthy and for Kim to be healthy throughout labor and then the name will come,” it added. 

Both Kim and Kanye were excited to welcome a second child. The beautiful reality show star might also be happy that she has finally given birth, as Kim has previously claimed that she could not wait to welcome her child. Kim complained about gaining weight and the star seemed unhappy with the fact that she was craving a series of foods. Some rumors emerged soon after, indicating that Kim was willing to undergo plastic surgery to get rid of all the fat that she gained during the pregnancy.

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