Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Attending Marriage Counseling

Although there are no official comments from Kim Kardashian or Kanye West on this subject, the rumors linked to their marriage are still continuing. So, for quite some time now it has been claimed that Kim and Kanye are dealing with some serious marriage issues and plan on separating.

Some rumors said that it all started when Kanye dealt with some health issues last year and required hospitalization. Ever since, it has been said that the two stars were trying really hard to make things work in their marriage. The latest reports claimed that Kim and Kanye have been attending marriage counseling, as they have decided to seek professional help to save their marriage.

Life & Style reported that the two stars have been under a six-week trial separation earlier this year. A source talking to the celebrity site allegedly said that both Kim and Kanye have thought about divorce. “Their therapist comes to their home and talks with them,” the source claimed. “They were considering divorce, but decided to try to work it out. It’s been an uphill battle, but they’ve come a long way,” the same insider explained.

The source also said that the therapy has been good for Kanye and Kim. “They’re learning how to communicate and understand each other. They have learned to get along again. The therapy is helping, for now,” the insider explained. The same source said that one of the things that has caused issues in this marriage and which Kanye and Kim talk about during their counselling sessions is Kanye’s anger issue. Allegedly, Kanye needs to learn how to leave his anger aside when he is at home. “They discuss his different triggers and how Kim can keep him from getting upset at home.”

The insider claimed that the discussion of whether to have another child or not has also been a reason of fight in this marriage. So, the source said that Kanye doesn’t want another child, but Kim insists in finding a surrogate to carry their third baby. The claims were not confirmed or denied by Kim and Kanye, so it is yet to see if the report is really true.

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