Kim Kardashian Accuses Airline Workers Of Stealing Sunglasses

Kim Kardashian was on her way home from the Cannes Film Festival when she discovered that some of the items in her baggage were missing. According to TMZ, the curvy brunette accuses the British Airways airline of stealing an important pair of sunglasses from her luggage.

Rumor has it that objects frequently go missing in the London Heathrow Airport, which is why it is often called Thiefrow among local inhabitants. Kim Kardashian is one of the victims who claim that workers at the British Airways airline have stolen some objects from her luggage. Among them, was a “sentimental and not replaceable” pair of sunglasses that the reality TV star received from her late father, Robert Kardashian.

Kim took to Twitter, as usual, to complain about the injustice she has suffered in the London Airport. She wrote, on Monday, that she was very disappointed to see the airport personnel opened her luggage and stole some of the items that she held most precious. It was not their material price that actually mattered for the sexy brunette, but their sentimental value because the sunglasses belonged to her father and she only wore them on special occasions. The pair of sunglasses was not the only thing missing; Kim also reported that an expensive purse and a piece of Tumi luggage were stolen.

The star further added that she wished people could go back to the days when you were allowed to lock your bags, so similar situations would not happen again. According to her, the measures of protection that authorities claim to have imposed are useless because “there is no sense of security & no trust”.

The incident might have made Kim feel nostalgic as she started posting old pictures of her and her family, later that day. One of the images represented her as a little girl with the face painted as a Minnie Mouse and the other was an old photo of Khloe Kardashian and her father.

Police are now investigating the episode to determine who might have stolen the sunglasses. According to them, the missing objects were not visible on the airport scanning monitor when the actress arrived at the Heathrow airport, so she might have lost them on her passage through Nice and Los Angeles.


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