Kim Cattrall Unveils Weight Loss Secret

The famous blonde diva who starred in Sex and the City has unveiled many secrets regarding a good sexual life, but now we find out she holds the secret to weight loss.

Access Hollywood has been interviewing her on her latest movie, “Meet Monica Velour” and has found out how the actress managed to lode the weight she had to gain for her stripper role.

Recently, Samantha Jones, who in real life is Kim Cattrall, was seen filming spots in Argentina for “I Can’t believe It’s Not Butter and has explained Access Hollywood how she managed to look to slim and fit after filming “Meet Monica velour. She was 20 pounds slimmer.

Kim told access Hollywood exactly what every woman would have said in her situation: “I found it so easy to put it on and so terribly hard to take it off”. She then admitted to a program that included exercise and diet.
She had to exercise a lot (we presume she did a lot of cardio in order to loose that extra pounds) and to eat right. There were no snacks included – none at all – and the meals were composed by healthy foods only. One of the secrets of eating the right healthy foods is that your appetite gets healthy, too. You yearn only for the proper amount of food. Then you brain tells you when you’re done eating.
One other secret of Kim Cattral’s weight loss plan is that she adopted a special diet: Eat Right For Your Blood type. It is a great diet and I’ve used that before.” She said she is the kind of dieter so she gets well with diets that either cut off the foods or they just let the at the person’s discretion, instead of minimizing the amounts. “I can’t have a little tiny bit of it because I want it all” Kim said.

In Meet Monica Velour she plays the role of a former porn star that is now a stripper. Now, that her days as PR maven Sam Jones are over, she said it was “nice to sort of embody somewhat of what of what Samantha’s about” when talking about her participation in the campaign “I Can’t Believe It’s No Butter. With that body, we can’t believe she’s not in her 30s!

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