Killer Giant Crocodile Sets World Record

The Associated Press reports that the inhabitants of the towns of southern Philippines have captured a killer giant crocodile. Lolong, as the huge reptile is called, gave residents many more reasons to be proud of it after setting the world record on Monday.

Lolong was captured last September after killing numerous people in the southern area of the Philippines. Since then, inhabitants have used the giant crocodile to draw tourists and increase their town’s revenue. On Monday, however, a special commission from Guinness World Records acknowledged the fact that the giant crocodile is, indeed, special. They declared Lolong the largest saltwater crocodile in captivity.

The entire town of Bunawan began celebrations as soon as the news that the crocodile set a new world record was released. The Mayor, however, was not as pleased with the commission’s decision. Edwin Cox Elorde was more preoccupied that similarly large crocodiles could make their appearance in the marshland threatening the lives of the local people. He stated that he has mixed feeling about this event. On the one hand, he is happy that the town has such a remarkable biodiversity, but on the other hand, he fears that Lolong may not be alone.

Despite this, the huge crocodile is very loved by the inhabitants of Bunawan. He was taken to an ecoturistic park and research center as soon as he was discovered in September drawing thousands of tourists in the region. In fact, the reptile has increased the revenue of the town with 3 million pesos ($72,000). Great part of the money was used to buy food for the crocodile and maintain the park.

Guinness spokeswoman Anne-Lise Rouse spoke with the press in order to explain people why it was important to award Lolong. She stated that the crocodile has the largest measures, that is, 20.24 feet (6.17 meters) and a ton. The record was previously set by an Australian crocodile which measured 17 feet (5 meters) and weighed less than a ton. Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon Paje was pleased with the decision of the Guinness World Record because it will draw the attention on the biodiversity of the region.

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