Kill Switch Feature for Smartphones Proposed by the US Government

The US Government came with an interesting proposal. Actually they are currently debating the idea of smartphones to mandatory come with kill switches in order to protect those devices that get stolen or are lost. 

The proposal comes as data reveals that the cases of smartphones getting stolen have increased a lot in the United States. The purpose is to offer smartphone owners protection against the potential stealing of their data. 

There actually in no wonder in the fact that proposed legislation reveals the necessity for kill switch features. More and more people tend to keep a lot of data on their smartphones, so they need a way to ensure the protection of their private information. 

Well, the new proposed legislation indicates that all phones that are going to be sold in the United States would have to feature a mechanism with the role to block the device and make it inoperable, while the entire data would be removed. 

Such a legislation hopes to also reduce the number of stolen smartphone cases. The new act was proposed by Amy Klobuchar, Barbara Mikulski, Richard Blumenthal and Mazie Hirono. The legislative proposal is known as the Smartphone Theft Prevention Act

The new technology is actually currently featured by certain smart devices that already are in sale. They include iPhone and iPad models that any customer can purchase. 

One of the initiators of the new legislation claimed that smartphone theft has actually become quite a big business nowadays, thieves taking advantage of the information they can find on these devices. The purpose of the new legislation is to help eliminate the risks and protect potential victims from thieves accessing their private information. 

Naturally, there are still some risks. Even though a built-in kill might turn out being quite effective, it has certain drawbacks, too. For instance, in case a thief manages to switch out the SIM card before the person calls in the theft, the mechanism will no longer be able to protect that device. 

And this is just one case that can be mentioned. Concern also raised on the fact that hackers might become able to disable a large number of phones at a time. 

This is not the first legislation of this type proposed at this point. Senator Mark Leno also made a similar proposition that would require smartphones sold in the state of California to have a kill switch. 

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