Kijafa Frink And Michael Vick Wedding Set For June

Although his professional career as an American footballer was in disgrace for a while, Michael Vick’s love life is doing just fine. The Kijafa Frink and Michael Vick wedding is set for June.

Michael Vick is a man that sparks controversy. There’s just something about this guy that gets people all round up. Now that the date of his wedding to Kijafa Frink has been set for June, many online users have had varied reactions. Some have recalled Vick had a past in abusing dogs and are now wondering how he is going to treat his wife.

But Kijafa Frink knows about Vick’s federal prison time and dog-fighting charges. The couple already has some history together, making a couple for several years now. Not to mention that Kijafa Frink and Michael Vick have three children together. So, it looks like both of them are ready to take their relationship to the next step, given the news about their wedding.

A three years engagement will concluded in a beautiful wedding bash set to happen on June 30 at the Fontainebleu Miami Beach. According to New York Post, the happy couple already started sending out invites to their 300 guests. Apparently, NFL stars coach Tony Dungy, Eagle’s running back LeSean McCoy and agent Joel Segal will attend their wedding.

Michael Vick was once the No. 1 pick and an Atlanta Falcons mega star. In 2005, things seemed to go very well for the footballer, with Michael Vick signing a $130 million, 10 years deal. It all went down the drain when he was sent for 18 months to federal prison over dog-fighting charges. Soon after that, he had to file for bankruptcy and was about to lose everything.

As of 2011, Michael Vick’s life seemed to get back on track. He managed to sign a deal with the Eagles for six years, worth $100 million. His reality show on BET also helped clear his name and show people he has paid his duty to society. It also helped that his three children, Mitez, Jada and London were featured.

In a recent interview, Michael Vick said: “I appreciate all the Sixers fans who are probably Eagles fans as well. You know our goal is to win a championship this year. Hopefully the Sixers will pull it out and we’ll lead right after them”.

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  1. He would do well with his public if he would spend a lot of his money helping rescue organization saving dogs from Miami Dade Animal Services and other rescue in need from KILL shelters. He’s got more money than he could ever spend in a live time and his heirs also. Give it in the name of all the animals he tortured and killed. Then just MAYBE he could redeem himself, just a little.

  2. In the name of all other animal lovers , animal advocates and anyone with a heart, Mr. Vick has not and will never pay his duty to society. The only thing he is sorry for is that he got caught. He is and will continue to be a disgrace !

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