Kid Rock To President Obama: “No Hard Feelings”

Kid Rock and President Barack Obama met for the first time after the elections during the Sunday’s Kennedy Center Honors at the White House. The rock musician, who is a strong supporter of Mitt Romney, shook hands with Obama and hoped there were no hard feelings among them, Reuters announces.

Kid Rock has never been a fan of Barack Obama and he used every opportunity he had to express his opinion during last summer’s election. He even gave his permission for his track “Born Free” to be used as a theme song for Mitt Romney’s campaign. Rock also took part in numerous fundraising events for the political candidate.

Now that Barack Obama has won the election, Rock was forced to reconsider his behavior towards the President. He was invited during the Sunday’s gala at the White House and was glad to take part in the event. Since Sunday was an important evening for David Letterman, Led Zeppelin and Dustin Hoffman, Rock and Obama acknowledged that their political differences have to be cast aside in order to give praise to the artists who brought their contribution to the American culture.

Kid Rock spoke with reporters at CNN and told them that his conversation with the President was quite friendly. Obama told the rock star that he is still at the helm of the United States, whereas Kid Rock responded with a peaceful “no hard feelings”.

Rock stated he was honored that Mitt Romney chose his single as his campaign theme song, but unlike the rest of Romney’s supporters, he is willing to move on with his life. The singer understands that he must respect the office of the President of the United States and work together for the sake of the country. “The great thing is in four years, we get to choose again,” he concluded.

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