Kia recalls more than 51,641 Souls for Steering Defect

Kia decided to recall no less than 51,641 Soul cars for a steering defect. It seems that this new recall actually covers the Soul models released in 2014. 

The steering defect apparently was found by Kia only now. It seems that the problem was caused by the fact that workers at a supplier plant in South Korea were using the wrong adhesive with the purpose to lock the threads on a plug. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that this can lead to dangerous situations and car crashes, as the plug secures a pinion gear to the steering assembly. In case it comes off, a loss of steering cause the car to crush. 

Reports reveal that Kia first found out about this defect in April. Officials for the company received a report from a dealer, which notified them that something might be wrong. The company discovered that these bad parts were installed on a series of Kia vehicles. The cars were produced between last year and the month of January. 

Reps for Kia said that the famous company will notify affected car owners about this recall and they will be asked to bring their vehicles at local dealers. Dealers will install a new pinion plug with the right adhesive in these cars. Naturally, the modifications and the needed repairs will be made free of costs. Reports reveal that the recall will begin this month, although the exact date has not been revealed at this point. 

Naturally, Kia is just the latest car maker who joined the list of manufacturers who found themselves in the situation of having to recall certain of their cars. The list also includes names such as Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. Naturally, General Motors has to be included on this list, as well. Mercedes has recalled its cars linked to an airbag issues, while Hyundai found a problem in the wiring harness. GM has traced a series of issues in its cars, naturally the most debated and the most famous one being the ignition switches problem.

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