Kia presents eco-karma

The first thing that you recognize about an electric vehicle is that it is very quiet when it moves as well as when you press harder on the acceleration. This thing happens also to Kia Soul EV. With a top speed of 90 mph and zero to 60 time of about 12 seconds, Kia isn’t very fast, but something about the delivery of torque without interruptions for gear changes and the lack of powertrain vibration or noise makes Kia Soul feel more nimble.

If you are looking for an electric silent car, Kia Soul EV must by the right choice for your. This new auto vehicle comes with an 81.4kW AC synchronous permanent magnet motor that outputs a stated 109 horsepower and 210 pound feet of torque. Soul EV, like all other full-electrics auto vehicle, is able to deliver al 210 pound-feet of that torque from a dead stop, this makes it feel more responsive and nimble than a gasoline engine of a similar spec. Kia Soul EV was extremely quiet during intense tests at both highway speed and in the city. 

Kia introduced an electrified model into the architecture planning for this second-generation model. The air-cooled battery pack is composed of 192 cells in eight modules and is placed beneath the first and second-row seats. It raises the second-row floor a little bit, but the last section of the cargo bay is unaffected. Soul EV also includes a 6.6-kilowatt onboard charger situated behind the grille, with a SAE j1772 Level 1 and 2 ports and a CHadeMO DC fast-charge port. This is one of the major cosmetic distinctions that you recognize between the electric and the gasoline models. Charging times are likely other contemporary EVs, at about 24 hours on 120-volt household current, about a half-hour to get an 8-percent charge at a public DC fast-charge station and approximately 5 hours with 240 volts.

You will find Kia Soul EV at a price of 34,500 dollars. It will be equipped with a rear camera, Bluetooth, navigation and UVO EV services to check battery-charge status, search for charging stations and monitor distance-to-discharged. If you want the EV Plus, it will cost you 36,500 dollars and it will be equipped with power-folding mirrors, projector-beam fog lights and heated leather seats.  

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