Khloe Kardashian will Get Divorced if Lamar Odom relapses

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have just tried to make their romance work once again. The duo is said to have managed to work things out and their divorce has not been finalized, Khloe filing a petition to withdraw her papers.

Well, now it has been claimed that Khloe will go on with the divorce and finalize her separation from Lamar, if the former basketball player goes back to drugs. 

According to a TMZ report, Khloe called off the divorce papers because she and Lamar are trying to make things work.

The famous reality show star had been by Lamar’s side throughout his recent medical issues and it seems that she decided to give him one more chance. However, according to some people, Khloe was actually naive to be doing that. 

Still, it seems that Khloe did not appreciate at all these comments, the famous star actually being annoyed by the people “on social media who are calling her naive for dropping the divorce.”

Allegedly, Khloe called off the divorce so suddenly because “Lamar has no one else in his life to help him recover.” Well, that might not be all. It seems that Khloe is also financially supporting her husband. According to some sources, “his medical expanses total in the many millions, and our sources say he doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to handle it on his own.”

Khloe and Lamar have not confirmed anything, but the fact that Khloe has been there for Lamar is widely known. And without a doubt, Lamar needs all the care he can get. A scandal actually broke at the medical facility where the former basketball player was admitted. 

Allegedly, some medical staffers tried to take a photo of Lamar as he was battling for his life. The staffers were immediately fired after the event. Lamar is currently admitted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles. How things are evolving when it comes to Lamar’s health has not been revealed at this point. 

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