Khloe Kardashian Talks about Marriage

Khloe Kardashian decided to open up and talked about marriage and companionship. The star claimed that she actually craves more for companionship, than for sex. The star made these revelations for the February issue of Cosmopolitan UK. 

The beautiful 30 year old reality show star claimed that there are many differences between dating a man and being married to one. Khloe is currently in the middle of a divorce from her former husband, Lamar Odom. Still, the star claimed that she doesn’t “crave for sex.” “I talked about it more openly when I was married because it’s more comfortable,” the star revealed. “I crave companionship — I just want to cuddle,” Khloe explained. 

Khloe and Lamar wedded when the reality star was only 25. However, it seems that Khloe likes being independent. The star revealed that she is now living for the first time in a house she bought with her own money, located in Calabasas, California. This property previously belonged to Justin Bieber. Khloe claimed that she likes the feeling of moving in her home and this is a very big deal for her, but she also confessed that she always thought that she would be married and have children by the time she turned 30. Khloe celebrated her 30th birthday in June.  

When it comes to dating, the star said that she actually does not think that she should be treating every guy she dates like her husband. “It doesn’t make it special.” “When I first got married some of my girlfriends said, ‘You never have to work now — you married a basketball player,’” Khloe went on to say. “But I don’t care if you marry someone who works at the grocery store or someone who is a director of a company, everyone should have their own identity. It’s not about numbers.”

So, what Khloe Kardashian wanted to share is the fact that she misses companionship and the feeling of having a partner in her life. However, although the divorce from Lamar has not been finalized yet, Khloe is ready to move on, as she still believes in love and in marriage.

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