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Khloe Kardashian Talks about her Lifestyle during New Interview

Khloe Kardashian has surely impressed with her new body and her impressive look. The famous Keeping up with the Kardashians star is definitely making a lot of efforts to look so well, but this does not mean that she is not jealous of her sister, Kim.

Khloe opened up about her exercise routine and her body during a new appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. The Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian star also made a curious revelation, saying that she is jealous on Kim’s body and would like to have her metabolism. Khloe also revealed that she is quite frustrated and jealous on Kim’s working out routine.

Khloe actually went to compare herself and her sister’s metabolism to cars. “You’re really into working out now,” Ellen asked Khloe, who immediately positively answered the question. Khloe also impressed when she said that she actually waked up very early in the morning and started working out at 5 A.M. Khloe said that it is not a habit for her to work out so early in the morning, but she needed to so because of her busy schedule.

“No, I would die. But 5 A.M. this morning just because I have all these stuffs to do to be here,” the star said. Khloe went on to talk about the work out she did with her sister Kim during their latest vacation in Costa Rica. And the star was surely was not happy. “Kim does work out,” she started saying. “She works out all the time, but they’re..not intense workouts. I work out like an animal,” Khloe explained.

The star went on to add that she is really jealous of Kim. “Kim does her thing, she works out every day. But my intensity level is crazy, and she like strolls in. I’m there stretching 20 minutes before, doing some cardio. She comes in 30 minutes late, and she’s like ‘I overslept.’ And I’m like, how do you have this body?” Khloe said. “I can’t handle people like that,” she added. “I wish that was me, I’m jealous,” Khloe finally admitted.

Khloe also said that she was told by her nutritionist that her “sister has the metabolism of a Ferrari, and you have one of a Honda Civic. I was like, you just summed up my whole life right there.”

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