Khloe Kardashian’s New Boyfriend abandoned his Wife and Son

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana seem to be quite happy together. The couple proved to be really committed to each other, while Khloe celebrated her 30th birthday. For the event, Khloe received a series of birthday presents from her rapper boyfriend. 

However, it seems that French Montana is still married, so reports emerged saying that the rapper actually abandoned his family to spend time with Khloe. A source who talked to RadarOnline.com said that the rapper “abandoned” his 4 years old son and naturally his responsibilities to have more time to stay with Khloe. 

The rapper technically is still married to another woman, Dean Kharbouch, with whom he has a child. The source claimed that while the rapper has invested no less than $50,000 on a Jeep for Khloe, his child’s school tuition has not been paid. “French has purchased a vehicle for someone who doesn’t need it. But he’s insisted that he would not pay for his child to go to school!” the source claimed. 

Moreover, the same source added that French Montana is spending a lot of money on Khloe, money that he doesn’t actually have. The source, who is good friends to his wife, revealed that French is actually spending the former couple’s money to buy things for Kim. 

The former couple started the legal process to divorce back in 2012. A source said that French Montana has been so busy with his relationship with Kim that he actually hasn’t seen his son in a few months. In fact, the same source revealed that the 4 year old hasn’t spoken with his dad in 6 months. 

So, it is claimed that French Montana is so in love and so focused on his relationship with Khloe that he has no time for his 4 year old son. The estranged wife of the rapper refused to make any comments about this relationship, but she previously blamed French Montana’s behavior in her posts on social media. 

Meanwhile, Khloe and French Montana looked really happy together, while they celebrated the birthday of the reality show star. 

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