Khloe Kardashian Might File for Divorce Soon

According to some recent rumors, Khloe Kardashian plans on soon filing for divorce from her former husband, Lamar Odom. The news was reported by US Weekly, which claimed that Khloe was finally ready to finalize her divorce and leave this whole story behind her. 

Khloe and Lamar were close to ending their marriage last year, before Lamar was found unconscious in a brothel. Although the only thing left to do was to sign the divorce papers, Khloe decided to withdraw the proceedings while her estranged husband was dealing with some serious health problems. Khloe clarified at that moment that she was not calling off the divorce to get back together with Lamar, she was only delaying it, as it was not the time to finalize the separation. 

Well, now it seems that the right time has come as Lamar has managed to regain his health. “Lamar is doing great. He hasn’t been drinking and is doing well. But Khloe is going to file for divorce. She wants to leave him now,” a source claimed. “Lamar loves her and wants to be with her. But he also wants to lead a normal life too,” the insider went on to add. 

However, some rumors indicated that not only the fact that Lamar is doing better has made Khloe take this decision now. The rumors claimed that the star decided to once again file the legal papers after she found out that her former husband was seen drinking with his friends. “She doesn’t agree with some of Lamar’s choices in the past few weeks,” a source claimed. “She plans on refiling for divorce soon. She and Lamar are just figuring out the finances first,” it added. 

The fact that Khloe will finalize the divorce has emerged only a few days after it has been said that Kris Kardashian, Khloe’s mom, has been pressuring the star to finally solve this issue. Kris reportedly thinks that Khloe needs to move on from this story and she wanted her daughter to close her link to Lamar.

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