Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Said to be Expecting a Child

According to the latest reports, Khloe Kardashian will soon become a mother. The star is said to be pregnant with her first child and the father is no one else than Lamar Odom. Of course, the pregnancy was unplanned, although it is a well-known fact that Khloe wanted to become a mother. 

“All Khloe and Lamar ever wanted was to have a family,” an insider said. And it seems that their dream became true, although they are divorced. “He wrote that he loved her and asked if there was any way she could ever forgive him after everything he’s put her through,” the source went on to say.  “She didn’t say yes off the bat, but she told him she was willing to give him a chance,” the same insider explained. 

Insiders claimed that the pregnancy came as a shock for Khloe, too, but this does not mean that she is not happy about it. Allegedly, Khloe is absolutely certain that Lamar is the father of her baby, as she only slept with her former husband during that time. The interesting fact about this pregnancy report is that it surfaced almost immediately after the reality star and her ex officially signed the divorce papers. 

The pair has made their separation a long process, as the divorce was finalized about two years after they announced their split. Khloe first filed for divorce in December, 2013. After the separation, Khloe dated for a few months rapper French Montana, but the two split, allegedly because French wanted a serious relationship and Khloe was not ready for the commitment. 

Most recently, Khloe was spotted with James Harden, being said that the two were dating. Some insiders claimed that Lamar was really hurt by this, saying that Khloe was disrespectful to date James. This was said to have been the moment when he decided to sign the divorce papers and just move on. Now, it seems that the two will remain connected, having a child together  

Of course, the report has not been confirmed, so it is yet to find out if Khloe is really going to be a mom. 

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