Khloè Kardashian: “I Don’t Want A Divorce”

Khloè Kardashian announced on Thursday that she and her husband, Lamar Odom will take a break from filming until his basketball career is back on track. Although she is a successful business woman, Khloè Kardashian puts marriage on the first place because she doesn’t want to get to a divorce, says People magazine.

Khloè Kardashian will no longer share her private life with E! viewers because the sexy brunette has decided to temporarily stop the production of their show “Khloè & Lamar”. It was a difficult decision for the Kardashian sister because she has always been used to being in the spotlight. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that marriage and family is more important than anything else, so Khloè is determined to wait until her husband gets back in shape.

Lamar Odom is going through a rough period, professionally. He no longer plays in the current season because he had a difficult trade with the Dallas team. Given these circumstances, the basketball player wanted to concentrate more on his sports career and less on his reality TV show. Khloè understood his wishes; in fact, she told reporters at People that she is going to fulfill Lamar’s wish of postponing the show because offering support to your husband is part of being married.

The reality TV star tried to respect her husband’s need for privacy as much as possible even before his problems began. She would not allow cameras to film during the days when Lamar would have to practice for a game. Yet, it seems that these measures were not enough and from now on, the couple will limit their TV appearances only to the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashian”.

According to Khloè, being in the spotlight has put a lot of pressure on her family and she hopes to get rid of all the stress now that there won’t be any cameras around her and Lamar. She further explained that she did not want to continue the show because it was not worth damaging her relationship with Lamar. 

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