Kevin Youkilis Sent To White Sox

ESPN reports that Kevin Youkilis was sent to White Sox because the Boston Red Sox was more interested in acquiring utilityman Brent Lillibridge and right-hander Zach Stewart. The Chicago team seemed like the best choice considering that they needed a third baseman to replace the injured Brent Morel.

Kevin Youkilis changed Sox after the Boston team signed a profitable deal with the Chicago White Sox. Thus, Kevin will go to Chicago, while Brent Lillibridge and Zach Stewart will take his place. Thanks to this deal, White Sox will be able to replace Brent Morel who was unable to play recently as a consequence of his back injuries.

Red Sox has to pay $7.8 million to Youkilis, but they will only give him $2 million in the end. Even though the Boston team decided to let him go, Chicago is very excited to have the infielder on their side. White Sox captain Paul Konerko told the press that he believes the team will become better now that they have Youkilis playing for them. In his opinion, the Cincinnati, Ohio native is really talented and has a lot more to offer in the future, considering that he is relatively young. Thus, they will most likely keep Kevin on the field as much as possible because they think he might be “one of the bigger steals of the season”.

Youkilis has spent the last eight years and a half working for the Boston Red Sox. He had wonderful results during this period, which explains Chicago’s eagerness to get the infielder on their team. The All-star is famous for his career .286 hits, his 133 home runs and 563 RBIs.

Despite his good performance, Kevin became expendable as soon as Will Middlebrooks made his presence felt in Boston. Ben Cherington, the general manager of the Red Sox told reporters that they have made the best decision for everyone. In his opinion, it was time for Will to be in the lineup because Youkilis has had the opportunity to play during each and every game.

Kevin Youkilis has overcome the health problems that have prevented him from performing during the previous seasons and is now determined to give his best in Boston. White Sox GM Kenny Williams said Kevin even asked him to let him play because he wants to prove some people wrong.

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