Kevin Hart is MVP of NBA’s All-Star Celebrity Game 2012

After being ejected for misbehavior, Kevin Hart was named MVP of NBA’s All-Star Celebrity Game 2012 which was held on February 24 at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The comedian got a technical foul because he yelled “Bullshit” during the game, but he didn’t stop here.

The “Soul Plane” star was busy entertaining the crowd during the Friday game. Despite this, he put a lot of soul in the game and he was eventually nominated NBA’s Most Valuable Player. Nobody thought this would ever happen considering that the comedian is 5’2″ tall and was ejected during the game for yelling “Bullshit” at the referee.

Hart reminded everyone that he is a good comedian in his way out of the basketball court. The actor removed part of his clothes and threw his shoes in the crowd to display his discontent with the referee’s decision. Everybody seemed to enjoy the moment, including Hart’s coach, Dwight Howard who received numerous apologies from the comedian saying that he lost his steam.

In the end, Kevin Hart was rewarded for the efforts he made to help his team win the game. Upon the receipt of the award, Hart told ESPN TV host Stuart Scott that being named the Most Valuable Player has nothing to do with points, but with being a good teammate. As a result, Hart shared the trophy with the United States Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. Scott asked Duncan whether he will consider taking Hart in his team during one of his games with President Obama and other political personalities. The Secretary of Education replied that he would very much love to do so because Hart is a winner.

Scott concluded his presentation by comparing Hart with the famous MVP LeBron James. At this point, Hart grabbed the microphone to thank his mom and his fans for the support they have given to him.

Among the celebrities who were present at the game were also R&B singer Ne-Yo, rappers J. Cole and Common, as well as “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Jesse Williams. The weekend will continue with the Carmelo Anthony and Fabulous NBA All-Star Party on Saturday.

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