Keurig Kold has the ability to make Coca-Cola

Keurig Kold is an interesting machine that has the ability to make home-carbonation drinks. Now, probably all customers will ask if it isn’t much easier to buy a can of soda instead of buying a machine that can prepare this soda. 

Not to mention that Keurig Kold costs approximately 370 dollars, which is a lot. According to its creators, this machine has been made in partnership between Coca-Cola and Keurig, a pod-coffee-brewing giant. Now, is this new machine able to revolutionize the way in which people enjoy soft drinks at home? This is a tricky question.

Who doesn’t want pods that will make cold Coke or other famous drinks in a minute? Not to mention that Pepsi also has a machine that is called SodaStream which can also make cold drinks. It appears that the battle between Coca-Cola and Pepsi has moved to another level.

However, despite its 370 dollars price, which seems to be expensive, this soda machine doesn’t sound bad at all, especially for soda drinkers. As for the design, Keurig Kold is a little bit bulky and very loud. Moreover, it takes approximately 90 seconds to make 8-ounce glass of soda. Another minus is that Kold-produced Coke doesn’t seems to taste the same as the original Coke, the bottled version. 

Why it doesn’t taste the same? It seems that Keurig’s carbonation technique doesn’t seem to be as strong as the original bottled version. To be added that a pack of four pods of sodas cost somewhere around 5 dollars. So, probably that a machine like this is more efficient if it makes coffee, instead of soda. However, the puck-shaped plastic container is similar with the coffee pod and it contains everything it needs to create a cold soda, users just need to add water in the container. So, once the container is filled with water, users just simply need to open the device, drop the pod and hit the button.

In approximately 90 seconds, users will have a nice and cold glass of soda. Probably, they need under 90 seconds to pull out a can of soda from the fridge that can also taste better. This choice will come from the customer: a pod of soda or a can of soda from the fridge. 

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