Kesha Denied Abuse in 2011

Famous singer Kesha is now in a legal battle against her producer, Dr. Luke. The singer filled the lawsuit last week, claiming that Dr. Luke has sexually and physically assaulted her during the time they have worked together. 

However, it seems that during a deposition dating three years ago, Kesha claimed that Dr. Luke never had sex with her. Moreover, she claimed that he never gave her drugs. The deposition is linked to a 2010 lawsuit brought by the former manager of the star against the singer and producer. Naturally, this deposition comes in complete disagreement with the lawsuit that Kesha has just filled. 

The lawsuit alleges that Dr. Luke drugged and raped the star, also claiming that he had abused her since 18. Well, Dr. Luke’s legal team asked a judge to oversee this deposition. Naturally, Kesha’s lawyers reacted and claimed that her deposition was ambiguous, as Kesha had been threatened by Dr. Luke to not mention anything about the sexual assault. 

However, it seems that she is now stronger and can fight her producer, as Kesha underwent therapy to overcome her issues. Moreover, the singer’s lawyer claims that the questions regarding sex actually made it clear that there was an issue there. It has been claimed that the star developed bulimia nervosa, due to the constant abuse. 

Well, if Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke for sexual abuse, the producer also filed a lawsuit against the young singer, accusing her of abuse and extortion. He said that since Kesha never filed any abuse claims or police reports on the abuse, it never happened. It has also been claimed that Kesha and her mom only filed these claims to drop the collaboration with Dr. Luke. 

Without a doubt, this deposition could severely impact the credibility of the young singer, making everyone believe that her abuse claims might not be true. However, the singer says that Dr. Luke threatened her and she was just afraid of him, being able to overcome her fear only now. So, it is yet to see what the judge will decide on this case and what else will be revealed in the ongoing legal battle.

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