Kentucky Wins National Title After Defeating Kansas

The Kentucky Wildcats won the national title after defeating Kansas during the NCAA game held on Sunday at the Superdome. The 67-59 victory was obtained with the help of Anthony Davis who managed to get a five-point lead during the last 71 seconds of the game.

Wildcats’ Coach John Calipari went through dire straits when his player, Anthony Davis tried his luck at the free throw line. The moment was all the more emotional as Davis missed the first three throws. In the end, the Wildcats turned the score in their favor and they took the NCAA title home.

Kentucky has become the youngest team to win the NCAA men’s championship thanks to their performance on Sunday. Davis was not the only player who made free throws; he was helped by freshman Marquis Teague and many other Wildcats players.

This was the eighth national championship that the team has won in school history and the first title they bring home since 1998. Coach Calipari was the most relieved member of the team to hear about the victory. He declared at the end of the game that he was glad to see the game was over, so he can move on to his future prospects.

Calipari was often described by analysts as the best basketball coach at present. He is very appreciated for the manner in which he selects his players for the games. Despite his vast experience, Calipari confessed that he has difficulties choosing the players for the national championship. His greatest challenge was to determine players to sacrifice individual scoring totals for team accomplishment.

Wildcats’ coach has invested a lot of time and energy in the physical and mental preparation of his team. For that, he would constantly encourage his players to find an answer to the question “How do you help us when you are not scoring?” This is why Davis managed to help his team in every possible way except scoring.

Reporters even asked Davis at the end of the game whether he felt frustrated by his shooting struggles. The basketball star declared that he was not bothered by his bad scoring because he played very well in defense and blocked shots.

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