Kenmore 72482, an interesting icebox

Kenmore is a rebranded LG model, but it doesn’t make its own appliances. LG earned appreciation and popularity with its incredible high-end model, LMXS30786S French door fridge. However, like many other high-end models, this fridge doesn’t come at a low price.

The new Kenmore 72482 can be compared with LG’s LMXS30786S model, being considered a strong performer that comes with a large storage space and homes a large variety of interesting features. This new fridge has all the storage space and features that a customer needs, even if it doesn’t have a revolutionary design. 

The new Kenmore 72482 is the perfect fridge for someone looking for a not so expensive upgrade. This new model is available at the price of 4,000 dollars, but if customers will have enough patience to look for the better offer, they will definitely find one.

Well, 4,000 dollars is a great price for a model that comes with interesting features and a lot of space. As it was mentioned before, Kenmore doesn’t manufacture its own appliances, but they are doing something else. This company purchases the competition’s appliances and rebrands them under their own name. This means that this new model, Kenmore 72482 is a rebranded LG model.

LG tends to be a little expensive, but without a doubt the company’s products are very good and have all clients’ appreciation. Moreover, LG’s models come with feature-rich designs and the previous LMXS30786S was a hit point. The French door model is one of the most appreciated fridges on the market and is the closest of LG’s current offerings to the 72482 model.

The new Kenmore 72482 comes with only three buttons on the front door, which are touchable icons that allow users to select between ice, crushed ice and water. The other controls are placed up top after opening the doors. This is an interesting choice and probably the company wanted to leave the front looking simpler and more streamlined. Probably, one of the main attractions of this fridge is the ice maker. This feature is situated in the door, having a slim design with no overhanging above the in-door shelves. 

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