Kendall Jenner Sells Hollywood Hills House after Robbery

Without a doubt, The Kardashians are dealing with some serious issues. Not only Kim has been through a dramatic experience when being robbed in Paris, but it seems that her younger sister Kendall Jenner has been through such an event, as well.

The main difference between Kim’s case and Kendall’s is that the latter was not actually at home when her house was robbed. In fact, Kendall only realized that some robbers broke into her home after she arrived to her house later during the day. In Kim’s case, things were a bit more dramatic, as the famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was actually held at gunpoint during a robbery that took place in Paris.

The thieves entered Kim’s room and threatened her with a gun, seeking money and jewelry. Luckily for Kim, she was not harmed and she actually talked about what happened during the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. For Kendall things were a bit different. The model’s home was burglarized last week. She left her house around midday and she returned home at about 8 pm. Kendall didn’t know that something was wrong before entering her bedroom at around 1 am. She then saw that her jewelry, worth $200,000, were missing.

The star allegedly heard a noise and was so scared that she actually believed that one of the burglars was still there. She immediately called the police, but the officials found no one on her property. Well, the whole incident was so scary for Kendall that she actually wants to sell her home. The model contacted a realtor and put her house for sale.

Without a doubt, it seems certain that Kendall no longer wants to live there because she is actually “terrified.” “This is just too much for her to handle,” one source claimed. Apparently, Kendall believes that the burglary was an inside job, as the people who took her jewelry seemed to know where to find them. “Kendall’s really upset about it,” a source said. “She’s been telling her best friends the situation totally sucks,” the same insider explained.

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