Kendall Jenner Cries Because of Pepsi Scandal

Kendall Jenner has become one of the most successful models at the moment. However, the popular star had a very bad experience earlier this year when she starred in a Pepsi commercial. The commercial was associated to a big scandal and of course Kendall was in the middle of it. Dealing with all the criticism linked to this commercial has definitely not been simple for Kendall.

The star talked about everything that happened during the first episode of the newest season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kendall started crying while talking about this event. So, basically what happened was that Kendall starred in a Pepsi commercial that was withdrawn from the market several days after being released because of accusations of trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I trusted everyone, I trusted the team,” Kendall said when referring to Pepsi’s team. “After I saw the reaction and I read what people had to say about it, I most definitely saw what went wrong. … I completely shut down,” she added. “It’s so stressful. What upsets me the most is that Dad brought up the commercial. … She doesn’t actually know what happened. She just like, word-vomits,” Kendal also said when referring to some comments made by Caitlyn Jenner.

“I feel really bad that anyone was ever offended. I feel really bad that this was taken such a wrong way. I genuinely feel like s—. I have no idea how I’m going to bounce back from it. I don’t even know what to do,” she continued saying. Kendall cried while saying that she never intended to hurt anyone. “The fact that I would offend other people or hurt other people was definitely not the intent,” she explained.

When talking about the comments made by her father, Kendall was actually referring to the fact that while being on tour to promote her book, Caitlyn said that her daughter had seen the script before working on the Pepsi commercial and had approved it. Kendall denied this and she allegedly explicitly asked her father not to talk about the Pepsi scandal, which Caitlyn did not keep under consideration.

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