Kelsey Grammer Wants Sole Custody of Kids

This Tuesday, actor Kelsey Grammer filed or a sole custody of his children from his former marriage with Camille Grammer.

The divorce between the two was finalized this year, on February 10. The Frasier alumn and the reality TV Housewives of Beverly Hills star have two children together: a daughter named Mason, who is 9 years old, and a son named Jude who is 3 years younger. Neither Kelsey nor Camille has tried to gain sole custody of the children by now. They had shared custody of them.
 When Camille, 42, found out that Kelsey, 56, has filed for sole custody of Mason and Jude, she wasn’t too happy about it.
Until now, there are no clues on what triggered the action. Kelsey’s representative did not want to comment saying only that “any statement would be inappropriate” and that “the filing speaks for itself”.

Usually, a judge gives sole custody to one parent if he can prove that the other parent is not capable of taking care of the children for various reasons. And money wouldn’t be the case here. Other factors that would grant sole custody to the father would be inappropriate behavior of the mother that could traumatize children and harm their healthy development through abuse or bad example.

One of Camille’s closest friends, Alison DuBois, the medium who famously cashed in the first season of the show with Kyle Richards, believes that Kelsey has done a terrible mistake with the filing and that Camille is a perfect mother. She said Camille was perfectly capable of raising her children and Kelsey doesn’t have any supporting arguments for what he has done.

“Camille is an excellent mother, and Kelsey truly doesn’t have a leg to stand on”, the medium said and the she wished Kelsey “good luck with the battle” saying he is going to need it.

Could it be that Kelsey want to start a new life with his kids and his new wife? Just 2 weeks after finalizing the divorce, he wed Kayte Walsh in New York City. He and Camille Grammer have been married for 13 years, which is very long lasting if we think that in Hollywood the 7 year itch is, in fact, down to the 2 year itch.

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