Kelsey Grammer And Wife Kayte Walsh Renew Vows In Vegas

Kelsey Grammer and his fourth wife, Kayte Walsh renewed their vows in Las Vegas to prove people that they are very in love with each other and they think this marriage is going to last. According to the Inqusitr, the marriage was performed at the chapel the Little Church of the West in presence of Greg Smith.

Although he had been married three times before, the “Frasier” star hasn’t lost his hope that someday he will meet the woman who will stay by his side for the rest of his life. In fact, Grammer is convinced that his fourth marriage to Kayte Walsh is going to be a lucky charm, so they renewed their vows in Las Vegas.

The man who held the ceremony, Greg Smith told reporters that the two lovers were still nervous upon uttering the vows. Grammer was very happy, even though he could hardly withhold his emotions. According to Smith, these feelings are very common among couples who love each other and who can be moved by the message of the vows even during their sixth wedding.

The couple got their inspiration from the final scene of the movie “Viva Las Vegas” for the theme of the ceremony. They requested Smith to use the same décor as the one used for the famous movie featuring Anne Margaret and Elvis Presley. The two chose this film because it has always been their favorite classic. Kelsey even has a poster with it in his home.

Renewing his vows is not the only romantic thing that the actor has done for his new wife. He even tattooed her name on his back proving that some people never learn their lesson. The tattoo artist’s grandma, on the other hand, told the press that the actor should have just inked a “K” instead of his wife’s entire name. This way, the tattoo would have given him some “flexibility”.

Grammer’s third marriage to Camille was probably the worst experience that the actor has had so far. Their relationship ended with a public squabbling which brought intimate aspects of their lives in front of the public.

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