Kelly Rowland becomes spokesperson for BE READY

R&B singer Kelly Rowland has started a new mission as a spokesperson for BE READY, a philanthropic initiative focused on keeping teenager excited about going back to school and getting a high school diploma.

On August 4, the former Destiny’s Child singer attended the Boys & Girls Clubs of America for the back-to-school season in New York. Yesterday, Rowland spoke to Self.com about her role in the BE READY program, which is a new initiative of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. “Last year, over a million students failed to graduate with a high school diploma”, she said and explained the role of the BE READY initiative. “[It] is all about really getting the kids excited about going back to school and really going out this year and being completely headstrong about getting their high school diploma.” The singer explains her reason for getting involved in this kind of philanthropic work. “I feel like I’m kind of nurturing a part of me as a kid”, says Rowland, who is now 30 years old. “It felt there was a void, like there was something missing.” She adds that the philanthropic work makes her fill that void. “I feel like I’m just kind of healing myself of all of those things as well.”

Kelly Rowland can take all the time in the world to heal her inner child now that the success in the music industry is guaranteed by her latest album, “Here I Am”. “I wanted this to be the defining record — as a sound, as an individual, and as an artist as well”. Her single, “Motivation”, featuring Lil Wayne, landed on the top spot and got stuck at No.1 for seven weeks, earlier this year. Her success is a sure way to inspire her teenage fans to stay in school, get focused on what they want and become successful like their dreamy star.

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