Kelly Osbourne Launches Fashion Collection; Gives Advice To Real Woman

Being a musician, an actress and a reality star is not enough for Kelly Osbourne who plans to launch a new fashion collection in the following period. In addition, the gray-haired “Fashion Police” presenter took her time to offer advice to real woman in a recent interview with E! News.

She was frequently criticized for her rebellious look, but Kelly Osbourne is determined to show people that she has great fashion sense. The show host revealed some of her future career plans during the E! News program. She told reporters that she wants to create her own fashion line. However, the 27-year-old star doesn’t want to be just another name on a pile of clothes; she wants to supervise the entire manufacturing process.

In the following period, the daughter of musician Ozzy Osbourne will be busy creating her own brand. She reassured everyone that she will take care of every single aspect because she is determined to learn where the clothes or items are usually created, as well as to select the place where they will be commercialized.

Creating her own line of clothes is not the only project that Kelly will develop this year. She was also selected to kick off several important fashion events by the end of the year. The first one, named the Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival just took place this month along Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. The event turned out to be a success given the large presence of international fashion stars and designers.

Even though she is very popular among celebrities, Kelly Osbourne feels more connected to real women, so she never misses any opportunity to offer them some pieces of fashion advice. Now that she has planned a fashion event and she was part of the models’ preparations, Kelly knows that spraying tan is the main rule that women should obey in order to look flawless. Wearing Spanx is a must even for women who are skinny because it chisels the body and hides all possible imperfections. In the end, Kelly recommends real women to take a pair of ballet flats, so their feet won’t get too tired at the party. 

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