Kelly Osbourne and Erik Bragg Break Off After Almost One Year of relationship

It’s over. After nearly a year of being together, Kelly Osbourne and Erik Bragg have parted ways, sources confirm to DailyGossip.

Bragg did not comment on the split, but he Bragg told Us about his ex “Kelly rules. That’s all. That’s it.”

A Fashion Police alum, 36 who began dating cinematographer 37-year-old last year while in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

The duo showed off their new relationship on Instagram Story. Osbourne and Bragg shared a short video in which they washed their car prior to the TV host gave their then-loved-one a few suggestions to complete the task.

“You want to make a balloon animal so every time you look at it, it looks like a frog,” she said at the time, and explained how to properly keep a hose in storage after using.

Then, a few months ago The England native had teased that she had left the market but did not disclose what the identity of her lover at the time.

“I’m just really happy with what it is,” the Osbournes ex-member admitted in”Hollywood Raw “Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn” podcast in August of 2020, revealing that they had not yet defined their relationship at the time. “Someone who I once dated and now we’re having a rerun. I’m not even sure how to describe the situation. The way it works just perfectly. I am in love with him completely. This is all I’m saying.”

The Masked Singer alum added, “For the first time in my life, I can tell you what happiness is because I’ve never had it before.”

She later talked about a chat with the director that inspired her to work in her sobriety early in the year.

“There’s so much irony in this last relapse for me because I made it all the way through the pandemic, I made it all the way through,” she shared during a interview in Red Table Talk. “I went to my partner’s place and was sitting in his living room eating pizza. He turned to look at me, and I could feel how he looked at me. I was thinking”Oh no! I don’t want him to stare at me that way in the future. Never. That did not make me feel happy. What’s going on?”

In the Facebook Watch interview, Osbourne expressed her disappointment at Bragg’s lack of understanding due to the fact that “he hadn’t seen that side of me.”

“To suddenly think “Well I’m sorry, this is what I never wanted you witness, you’ve witnessed it. We hope that you don’t see her again’ was humiliating,” the daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne stated during the period. “Because for the first time ever, I actually care how he feels, and I care how my behavior impacts him.”

The actress concluded “I only desire to present the very best me me for my family, my girlfriend and friends. I wasn’t. I was a long way away from being that. Never had a partner who is willing to support me in this space before. He is extremely open and incredibly in this way. This is really wonderful and my parents are also very happy with him , so that’s also positive.”

With the reporting of Andrea Simpson

Via US Magazine

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