Kelly Osbourne And Christina Aguilera Bury Hatchet

Their feud has been going on for quite some time now, but Kelly Osbourne was forced to bury the hatchet during Sunday’s “Watch What Happens Live”, says US Weekly. Andy Cohen, the host of the “Plead The Fifth” segment asked the “Fashion Police” critic to put an end to discussions between them.

Kelly Osbourne accepted the invitation for the Sunday’s edition of “Watch What Happens Live”, but she soon regretted her decision. The “Fashion Police” co-host was asked by Andy Cohen during the “Plead The Fifth” segment to say three nice things about his friend, singer Christina Aguilera. Had it not been for the format of the show, Kelly would have never agreed to fulfill Cohen’s requests.

The 27-year-old star remained calm while providing an answer to the question. She told the TV host that Christina Aguilera looks a lot better now than she used to when their feud began, that she has a great voice and a beautiful boy. We don’t know whether this answer should be interpreted as an apology or not, but it may serve for the reconciliation of the two stars.

Kelly Osbourne expressed her true feelings about the American singer in August 2011. She left her “Fashion Police” colleagues understand that she is not a friend of the singer while Joan rivers was making comments about Aguilera’s appearance. The British singer stated that Aguilera was probably becoming “the fat bitch she was born to be”. She later on, explained that Aguilera has always offended her by saying she was fat, so Kelly wanted to get her revenge.

Showing that she is nothing better than her rival, Kelly Osbourne went on to make mean comments about the singer. “You know what? F**k you! You’re fat too,” were the words that Kelly chose to make Aguilera feel uncomfortable about her looks. A few months later, Aguilera received the same treatment from the Brit who attacked the American singer during another “Fashion Police” edition. It remains to be seen whether Aguilera will be able to get over Osbourne’s comments and become friends now that Kelly has named three good things about her.

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