Kellogg’s Recalls Mini-Wheats Due To Possible Metal Fragments

Based on a recent report published by the Inquisitr, Kellogg’s recalled almost three million boxes of Mini-Wheats due to possible metal fragments that might have infested the cereals. The company explained that one of their manufacturing parts broke down and the metal fragments might have ended up in the boxes.

Kellogg’s released a statement on Wednesday warning people that some of their Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size and Unfrosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size boxes might contain metal fragments from a dysfunctional manufacturing machine. The company reassured their clients that the three million boxes that were infested will be withdrawn from the market in the following days. Thus, customers can rest assure that the products they buy from Kellogg’s will have the best quality.

Several representatives of the company have talked to Dr. David Acheson, an internal medicine physician and former Chief Medical Officer at the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) in order to make sure that their products are safe. Acheson took a close look at the problem and stated that there are very few chances for the metal fragments to get mixed with the cereals. Moreover, customers need not be afraid of possible injuries as the metal fragments are not considered noxious.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has, nevertheless, concluded that it is best for the company to recall all the boxes that were produced in the last weeks. Kellogg’s told reporters that the recalled boxes contain the letters “KB”, “AP” or “FK” before or after the “Best Before” date.

This is not the first time when the breakfast food giant recalls some of their products. As a matter of fact, Kellogg’s was forced to make another recall less than two years ago after customers complained about the quality of some of their products. Fruit Loops, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, and Honey Smacks were taken off the market for a brief period of time because consumers claimed they had a strange odor and taste , whereas some people experienced nausea and diarrhea.

The recall will lead to a substantial gap in the company’s revenues. Experts estimate that Kellogg’s has already lost $100 million in 2012 to correct problems with their supply chains and the latest recall will add $30 million to the list. 

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