Kellie Pickler Supports Friend By Shaving Her Head

American country music artist, Kellie Pickler proved that she supports her friend by shaving her head during the Thursday edition of “Good Morning America”. The “American Idol” former contestant cut off her long blonde locks to help her childhood friend fight against cancer discrimination, Entertainment News relates.

The biggest fear of women diagnosed with one form of cancer is that they will be rejected or mocked at if they shave their heads. For this reason, they choose to hide their bald heads under wigs or special coverings. Kellie Pickler and her longtime friend, Summer Holt Miller, completely shaved their heads to prove breast cancer patients they have no reason to be ashamed of their new look.

Summer Holt Miller suffered a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in June. She is due to start chemotherapy in the following days, so she cut her hair off completely on Wednesday. Her friend, country singer, Kellie Pickler, wanted to show her support to her friend and to fight against cancer discrimination; therefore, she chose to give up her blonde tresses for a bald look.

Miller appreciates everything that Pickler has done for her. She told the press that they don’t regret the change they have made. In fact, they think their small protest could determine at least one person to have a mammogram before 40, thus, helping change mentalities.

Kellie prepared her fans about the change several days before the show. She wrote on her Twitter account that she had a “great life-changing day” while she was recording the video for the “Good Morning America” show. She concluded by inviting all her fans to watch the September 5th broadcast promising them that it will be an interesting show.

The act of bravery that Kellie did in support of her friend has triggered a lot of sympathy and appreciation from both cancer patients and “Good Morning America” viewers. The country singer has also gained a lot of visibility which could turn out useful for her musical career.

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